Journal Table

The legacy of this client is that of a learned, well-read man.  A gentleman who captures his thoughts as writers before him, in his own journal.  He wanted a simple table by which he could rest his coffee cup and store his journal.  The original concept was nothing more than a box with legs, but his passion for literature and appreciation of the world aesthetic inspired me to create this.

Elbow high to sit comfortably next to his favorite chair.  Two leather-lined drawers adorn this table.  A small drawer for note pads and pens.  And…a “secret” drop-down, trapdoor drawer for his journal; that when closed, would become a design element of the table (and no one would be the wiser).  White Oak, copper accents and a hand-crafted drawer pull (I do a little metal-craft when the need presents itself).  The hand-carved symbol on the larger slat is a nod to the Roycroft Guild.

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